Q: hi i;m Talia from Israel. i am taking up photography and was asked to present in class works by a fashion photographer of my choice. I CHOSE YOU! i will be so grateful if you write me a couple of words about your moto/views/visions - whatever you want about your uniqueness. i want the other students to be familiar with your photos. thanks a lot!

Thank You Talia!  Blank Page * The Best Inspiration 

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Q: Hola Salomé mi nombre es Poli Marozzi, no nos conocemos pero admiro muchísimo tu trabajo! Estoy constantemente chequeando tus actualizaciones en facebook, flickr y tumbrl! Soy salteña, estudiante de fotografía en la escuela de Andy Goldstein y curso una materia llamada "Poética de la Imagen" donde el trabajo final es entrevistar a un artista que nos conmueva.Quería saber si me permitirías entrevistarte, personalmente o por mail o el medio que vos quieras!

Estarìa encantada Vorfas@gmail.com

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Q: Me enamoré de tu Tumblr

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Q: I love your work. Does Roxy Music and Grace Jones continuously play in your head?

Cab Calloway in my head :D

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Q: love your work

Thank You!!!

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Para Tí colecciones Verano 
Buenos Aires

Moojen the photographer

All the birds up in the trees have got a different song to singAnd as birds learned now they’ve learned that swingThey’ve been pallin’ with al (me too)