Q: Hi, I've been following your work for many, many years on Flickr and just love it. Your technique, themes, models, everything. Wow. I actually have a question regarding your retouching though - Is there any insight you can give into how you retouch your skin? Your models always look flawless. Just curious as to what techniques you use. Sorry for the boring, technical question but it did say 'ask me anything'! : P

HI! Thanks

1 The makeup artist s hould exfoliate and moisturize the skin thoroughly before start makeup.

2  Avoid shooting at noon if you will only use natural light.

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Q: Você usa câmera analógica? E qual câmera digital? Aprendeu a fotografar como?

Digital & Pinhole / Autodidata

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Q: hi i;m Talia from Israel. i am taking up photography and was asked to present in class works by a fashion photographer of my choice. I CHOSE YOU! i will be so grateful if you write me a couple of words about your moto/views/visions - whatever you want about your uniqueness. i want the other students to be familiar with your photos. thanks a lot!

Thank You Talia!  Blank Page * The Best Inspiration 

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Q: Hola Salomé mi nombre es Poli Marozzi, no nos conocemos pero admiro muchísimo tu trabajo! Estoy constantemente chequeando tus actualizaciones en facebook, flickr y tumbrl! Soy salteña, estudiante de fotografía en la escuela de Andy Goldstein y curso una materia llamada "Poética de la Imagen" donde el trabajo final es entrevistar a un artista que nos conmueva.Quería saber si me permitirías entrevistarte, personalmente o por mail o el medio que vos quieras!

Estarìa encantada Vorfas@gmail.com

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Q: Me enamoré de tu Tumblr

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Q: I love your work. Does Roxy Music and Grace Jones continuously play in your head?

Cab Calloway in my head :D

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Q: love your work

Thank You!!!

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Para Tí colecciones Verano 
Buenos Aires

Moojen the photographer

All the birds up in the trees have got a different song to singAnd as birds learned now they’ve learned that swingThey’ve been pallin’ with al (me too)